Volcano Classic Vaporizer


Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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Who is the Volcano vaporizer for?

The Volcano Vaporizer is an ideal decision for somebody searching for one of the most developed, greatest, simple to utilize, proficient vaporizers available. You get standout amongst other vaporizer encouters accessible, regardless of whether you pick the simple temperature control of the Volcano Classic or the completely computerized control of the Volcano Digit.

Clinical evaluation Of  Volcano Vaporizer

With more than 12 years of innovative work and broad wellbeing testing, the Volcano Vaporizer acquires the differentiation of being a clinical level gadget.


The Volcano’s notable inflatable and valve framework guarantees that no fume is lost and permits fume to be put away as long as 8 hours. This joined with a colossal aluminum heat exchanger, air channel, and silencer makes the Volcano vaporizer one of the most productive vaporizers on the planet.

Simple to utilize:

Indeed, even with all the specialized headways, astonishing proficiency and long periods of research, Storz and Bickel made a special effort to ensure the V. Vaporizer is easy to utilize and about mistake confirmation. The 100-watt convection warmer makes it difficult to combust your herbs.

Digit vs Classic: Temperature control,
display & accuracy:

This is the place the main genuine contrast between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit emerge.

Volcano Classic

Utilizing a simple structure, the Volcano Classic however, highlights straightforward. Yet exact temperature control with a scope such as 266° F – 446° F. The Volcano Classic conveys the absolute most exact temperatures to your herbs with an exactness such as; ± 5° C/9° F. The Classic however, doesn’t show the temperature on its simple dial. And rather shows numbers 1-9 and has an outline remembered for the container. Which shows what temperatures the numbers relate to.

Volcano Digit

Equipped with advanced temperature control. The Volcano Digit brings the most exact temperature control and adaptability with a scope of 104° F – 446° F. The Volcano Digit conveys marginally increasingly precise temperature to your herbs with an exactness of ± 1.5° C/2.7° F. The LED show will show you the present temperature just as the set temperature.

1 review for Volcano Classic Vaporizer

  1. McGlynn

    I consider the Volcano Vaporizer fume quality from this unit to be first rate.

    It’s strong, delectable and agreeable.

    Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to capitalize on your herbs, at that point the Volcano can do it. The Volcano’s convection warming framework likewise guarantees that the blossoms in your botanicals are disintegrated with most extreme proficiency and lessens the measure of squandered material, setting aside you cash over the long haul.

    As a decent included touch, the Volcano has an incorporated silencer which keeps the gadget generally peaceful and prudent while in activity

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