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Purple Kush

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Purple Kush marijuana strain is an Indica marijuana hybrid. This weed is found in Oakland area of California. Purple Kush marijuana is world known for purple leaves and dense buds. The nugs are covered with white and orange hairs. This kush is potent, delivering high THC count of up to 17%. beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming couch lock and sedation. This marijuana strain is good for evening and nighttime medicinal and recreational use due to sedative properties.



Purple Kush For Sale | Purple Kush Review – Buy Medical Buds

Purple Kush For Sale, otherwise called “Purple Hindu Kush”, Purple Kush is an unadulterated indica that separates itself from other indica half and halves with its eye-getting hues and charming taste. This strain, is a cross between two South-Central Asian indica landraces. Hindu Kush, from the sloping Pakistan-Afghanistan fringe, and a purple-tinged assortment of Afghani. With 100% indica hereditary qualities, it gives a moderate and loosening up full body stone. Named a Top 10 Kush Strain by High Times magazine in 2016, Purple Kush has THC piece running from 17% to as much as 27%.

This strain has medium measured, popcorn-like blossoms when restored, with a thick, substantial bud structure. The inclination towards purple, specifically reared from the Purple Afghani parent strain, comes about when the plant’s anthocyanins – shades like chlorophyll – are enacted in cool developing conditions. This procedure is like the breakdown of chlorophyll and the incitement of red and yellow shades that makes foliage change hues in fall.

Likewise with parent strain Afghani, Purple Kush additionally has an exceptionally high ability to make clingy gum, making it significant in the creation of hash and different concentrates. Orange pistils, expected to get dust from male plants, contrast the effectively bright blossoms. Purple Kush’s sack request isn’t just constrained to visuals – the buds additionally have a champion taste. The underlying impression is like the smell of Afghani strains, with a gritty, nearly sandalwood musk.

Purple Kush Review:

Closer examination brings out sweet and fruity notes of grape. When combusted, the blossoms have an all the while fruity and hash-like scent and smoke, which can sting sinuses and achieve substantial hacking. Not at all like a few half and halves that start off with a perplexing head high that dissolves into a moderate feeling of quiet, Purple Kush slips you straight into physical unwinding. In spite of the fact that there might be some psychological impacts, they have even more a hallucinogenic, misshaped nature than a cerebral one. The perma-grin and overwhelming body stone that accompany Purple Kush unquestionably call for evening happiness regarding this indica knockout. Purple Kush can likewise compelling as a drug.

Purple Kush Yield:

Its intensely calming impacts can dull a few side effects of uneasiness and discouragement. It can likewise be shockingly successful in alleviating torment – both situational, similar to the throbs that set in after an exercise, or interminable, similar to the nerve-related torment that accompanies malignant growth or fibromyalgia. In enormous enough portions, Purple Kush is likewise an extraordinary method to treat dug in sleep deprivation. The strain’s high is said to have a normal length of 2 to 3 hours. As may be anticipated from an absolutely indica plant, Purple Kush develops low and thick.

Purple Kush Seeds

Those hoping to develop their own plants of the strain may have achievement outside or inside, however may have more achievement inside where they can control the developing conditions. Huge quantities of plants can without much of a stretch fit inside a vertically-constrained develop space, as they only from time to time surpass 3 feet in stature. So as to bring out Purple Kush’s trademark purple tints for its full visual potential, producers may likewise need to stun the plants and actuate the anthocyanins by presenting them to cold temperatures; nonetheless, cultivators ought to make certain to just make this stride without further ado before collecting so as not to lessen the plant’s general yield.

Purple Kush Weed:

Purple Kush plants bloom inside about two months when developed inside and in mid to late September when developed outside. Under perfect conditions, producers can expect a moderate yield of around 37 grams (or 1.3 ounces) per area of plant. Purple Kush has the unique qualification of being outwardly striking and strongly enhanced without yielding hereditary dependability – dissimilar to numerous mixtures that are explicitly crossbred for taste, this strain has roots that stick as intently as conceivable to the cannabis species’ inceptions in Asia. It’s no big surprise the assortment has generated well known impersonations like Las Vegas Purple Kush. A superb night smoke toward the finish of a difficult day or week, Purple Kush is remarkably mouth-watering and unwinding.

Sort of High:

Purple Kush pot strain initiates sedative like, mind-body high. The impact is solid and durable. Alleviates pressure, quiets the psyche, advances body unwinding, has solid pain relieving properties, assists with sickness. Invigorates hunger, takes care of.

Hereditary qualities:

Genealogy: Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains.

Indica/Sativa Ratio:

Indica Dominant Hybrid (0% Sativa/100% Indica)

Normal THC/CBD Level:

15.00/20.00% THC 0.51/0.10% CBD —/ — % CBN


Elation, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy.

May Relieve:

Uneasiness, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress.


Berry, Grape, Sweet.


Hearty, Grape, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet.

Utilization Methods:

Smoke, Vaporize, Edible, Topica.

Where  to Buy Purple Kush

You can arrange Purple Kush from Buy Medical Buds. Our buds are naturally developed and pesticide free, and we generally transport new buds that are of phenomenal quality.

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7g(1/4oz), 14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 4oz(1/4p), 8oz(1/2p), 16oz(1p)

11 reviews for Purple Kush

  1. Steven D.

    She doesn’t really smell like skunk to me. I smell more of the AK47 really good effects, the ashes burn white, tastes like candy. All around good strain 6 stars.

  2. Shannon

    Very good variety and very strong! Beautiful buds and very potent!

  3. Chris

    1st impression. Ordered Friday morning, received Sunday afternoon in Calgary. Tried for it last batch but they ran out, glad to get it this time. Bud sizes: 4.4, 3.4, 3.3, 2.4, 4 @ 1.5. Nice looking tight buds. Bag smells great and tastes good. Quite smooth (says a lot for a smoker 40+years), clean. Damn good buzz 🙂

  4. Celestine Howe

    I am a patient of neuropathy. I experience physiotherapy and prescription and furthermore as my condition was declining. I as of late began taking the purple kush strain which I requested from you all, and now I am better. In any event I am dormant on where I was 1 year back. I can’t envision myself on a wheelchair which would have been the situation on the off chance that I would have not utilized Purple Kush.

  5. Bradford Pfeffer

    As a 25 year smoker I need to state that, this strain is extraordinary compared to other indicas that i’ve attempted alongside afghani.does everything that great indica does,perfect before sleep time or toward the finish of a distressing day busy working

  6. Daphne Rutherford

    Amazing! Purple Kush is an astounding strain, Love that it is natural, Love that it is without pesticide and truly appreciate the consideration that Buy Medical Buds experiences to give such quality flowers. What is generally outstanding about Purple Kush are the shades of purple present on the buds. I had an extraordinary night’s rest in the wake of smoking this strain and I prescribe it for night/evening time utilization.

  7. Paula Huel

    The best you can smoke! Smooth, very solid, and it’s purple! High keeps going quite a while!

  8. Arlo O’Reilly

    Roger. P was an extremely kind person. Shown up in a brief way and was unbelievably neighborly during the trade procedure. He addressed inquiries I had about the delivery service and was generous when given a tip for his exertion. In spite of the fact that the costs are very swelled for your services and items, the quality of the product and convenience makes the additional costs worthwhile on an occasional lazy Sunday/rainy day kind of basis. Good wishes!

  9. Wilson Larson

    The Purple Kush is of great quality. It’s obviously very fresh and the packaging will keep it so.

  10. Funk.M.E

    Great Product

  11. Spady

    Really liked the taste of that one, so much that my mother had recently change from chemicals medication to actual weed to sleep and she wanted something that was not too harsh on the throat, even though you might think because this is a skunk strain that the weed would taste insanely strong or anything, but surprisingly not, my mother ended up being quite happy with it, which made me happy overall. I recommend to try whenever it’s back in stock.

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