Platinum Blackberry


Platinum Blackberry

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Platinum Blackberry is an uncommon indica predominant crossover strain made through intersection the notorious Platinum OG Kush with the delightful Blackberry Kush strain. This bud welcomes on a madly delectable flavor and ravishing appearance all wrapped up with an intense substantial high.



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Platinum Blackberry Strain is an uncommon indica predominant crossover strain, thus made through intersection the notorious Platinum OG Kush with the delightful Blackberry Kush strain.

This bud generally, welcomes on a madly delectable flavor and ravishing appearance all wrapped up with an intense substantial high. Platinum Blackberry Strain has a sweet fruity berry enhance complemented by traces of exquisite diesel and flavors on each breathe out.

The smell is of crisp berries and zesty damp. With a sharp natural suggestion that can occupy a live with its stench.

In summary, Platinum Blackberry Strain  have knotty thick popcorn-molded dim olive green nugs with golden hairs. And a covering of chilly white precious stone trichomes.

The Platinum Blackberry Strain high will hit you in both brain and body, maneuvering you into a condition of lifted sedation that goes on for quite a long time before you at long last nod off.

You’ll feel a tingly beginning in the rear of your head before it takes tightly to you completely, pulling you down into loosened up sedation.

These impacts in blend with its overly high THC level give Platinum Blackberry Strain an edge in treating conditions, for example, a sleeping disorder, headaches or cerebral pains, hyperactivity, state of mind swings, and interminable pressure.

Kind of High:

Platinum Blackberry Strain’s high hoists and calms you simultaneously, going on for a considerable length of time until you in the end nod off. It begins more tingly than languid.

Hereditary qualities:

Ancestry: Platinum Blackberry Strain is a cross between Platinum OG Kush and Blackberry Kush strain.


Body High, Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting

May Relieve:

Misery, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Migraines, Mood Swings, Stress


Berry, Diesel, Herbal, Pine, Sweet


Berry, Dank, Pungent, Spicy, Woody

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7g(1/4oz), 14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 4oz(1/4p), 8oz(1/2p), 16oz(1p)

14 reviews for Platinum Blackberry

  1. AWHinkson34

    Sticky buds nice color to it and smokes good love the taste 5 stars.

  2. M. Green

    Had it before was 5star forsure just ordered more hehehehehe

  3. Cornwels

    This weed is really good!
    Get it when you can have chance!
    1 puff for nice high!

  4. John

    Skunky, potent, top shelf.

  5. Sick88civic

    Smell and taste is amazing!

  6. Heathen

    WOW! this strain is amazing, my shoulder felt better after I smoked some and I had a fantastic sleep!

  7. Blackburn

    Deadly red haired glittery green buds is what I put in to my buster, got a calmer skunky smell too it !warning! tho its stank can stick around for a bit lol got a feel good great baked feeling , also if anyone mixes there bud try with some purple haze makes for a killer high!!

  8. Antonette Mosciski

    So far I have tried 10 of your medical maryjane items and Platinum Blackberry is my subsequent top pick. Buy Medical Buds has the most flawlessly awesome items. Platinum Blackberry buds are HUGE, flawlessly developed and tended. All of Buy Medical Buds’ medicinal plants are organic and indoor developed. The high I encountered was mind-modifying and the medication alleviated my PTSD better than any business assortments recommended to me. I love Platinum Blackberry and will definitely order it once more. The high helps me to remember times I was on shrooms. Totally hallucinogenic. I adored it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  9. Jamir Schneider

    Couldn’t be more joyful about my experience with Buy Medical Buds. Delivery driver Cacciari Maxime was marvelous. I would prescribe them to anybody whenever! Extraordinary spot, magnificent individuals. Give Buy Medical Buds your business. They merit it!

  10. Yvette Schuppe

    Discovered Buy Medical Buds and chose to check out it ,best thing I could done!! Too quick delivery for where I lived!! Staff are freindly and the herb resembles no other !! I prescribe this spot to anyone !! You won’t be frustrated the platinum blackberry is the place is at !! Best part is no pesticides and all that frightful stuff !! Don’t panic it’s organic !!

  11. Martin Rohan

    Would presumably buy again…price was correct, restorative impacts were extraordinary and can’t beat the delivery service to your front door!

  12. Emmie Mayer

    Very smooth.
    Doesn’t interfere with clarity of thinking.
    Stimulates physical activity.

  13. Kane Zulauf

    Same day delivery, nice delivery person and decent quality!

  14. Alaister

    This is very good weed buy it while you can

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