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Animal Cookies

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The Animal Cookies strain is a fantastic decision as a therapeutic bud and has a truly intense THC level, averaging in around 23%. Thus, it is an incredible decision for anybody encountering a condition including interminable torment. It additionally has a tasty flavor profile, bragging notes treats, cherry, and vanilla, so it’s entirely delightful as well!



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The Animal Cookies strain is a fantastic decision as a therapeutic bud and has a truly intense THC level, averaging in around 23%. Thus, it is an incredible decision for anybody encountering a condition including interminable torment.

It additionally has a tasty flavor profile, bragging notes treats, cherry, and vanilla, so it’s entirely delightful as well! Following quite a while of thorough testing and time spent consummating this strain, BC Bud Depot realized that they had a victor on their hands with Animal Cookies Strain.

This is not really a shock, as one of the cross breed strains used to breed Animal Cookies Strain, specifically Girl Scout Cookies, has won a few honors at the Cannabis Cups.

What Is the Animal Cookies Strain?

Creature Cookies is an indica-prevailing clone-just half and half strain which was framed when two unbelievable crossovers, Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, were joined.

With Animal Cookies Strain, BC Bud Depot has figured out how to hold Girl Scouts Cookies trademark treat enhance, while creating a more grounded increasingly powerful plant which delivers a shockingly better quality yield than both of its parent strains.

Creature Cookies is famous for its numerous restorative advantages on account of its intense indica hereditary qualities. No doubt about it, Animal Cookies Strain is an incredibly intense strain. The world’s biggest cannabis examination research center,

Analytical 360 has recorded THC levels of among 18% and a stunning 27% when testing Animal Cookies Strain tests. While its CBD levels normal at around 1.0%, a few cultivators have guaranteed that they have recorded CBD levels of up to 4.0% in their Animal Cookies plants.

At this point it ought to be certain that Animal Cookies Strain is unquestionably not a strain that you should trifle with, and on the off chance that you are a beginner smoker, you would be insightful to leave this one to the more experienced cannabis clients out there.

Kind of High:

Creature Cookies cannabis instigates cheerful, elevated cerebral high combined with profound body unwinding. Prompts snickers, elevates mind-set, eases discouragement. Loosens up the body, soothes pressure, controls torment and muscle fits, invigorates hunger.

Hereditary qualities:

Creature Cookies cannabis strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.


Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve:

Hunger Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress


Home grown, Nutty, Sour, Spicy, Sweet


Natural, Herbal, Nutty, Pungent, Sour

Utilization Methods:



Where to Buy Animal Cookies

In the event that you need to buy Animal Cookies, pick a decent and solid supplier like Buy Medical Buds. They offer just crisp, premium-grade buds just as lab tried clinical cannabis items at reasonable costs.

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7g(1/4oz), 14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 4oz(1/4p), 8oz(1/2p), 16oz(1p)

55 reviews for Animal Cookies

  1. Mczinger

    This was a treat, you won’t find anyone complain about this bud, will be getting more!

  2. Ravenmaven

    Sticky and dense. Very strong aroma. Citrus, bubble gum and cotton candy fragrances mixed in with the typical skunk. First burn was earthy then fruity and finishes with an industrial floral flavor that lingers into mild dry mouth. Easy on the throat and lungs. The buzz is a very high quality and long lasting. But not overpowering ( I rarely smoke cannabis). A solid 3.5 out of 5 for me. I’m happy.

  3. BrennanRick4

    Best I had so far. Sticky stinky buds. Great product

  4. Floyd_q

    Awesome stuff great taste just need some mayo with it

  5. Paul_butts03

    Very nice, sweet smoke good high, would recommend it…

  6. Matrich.2002

    Best indica I had in the last 5 years. Amazing in the vape! 6 stars

  7. Danydboy

    Nothing beats this! Some of the best stuff on here garanteed thanks

  8. GT420

    First order placed with Buy Medical Buds and I will definitely be doing so again
    I’m a huge fan of tunas and this did not disappoint
    Super sticky, very little stem/leaf content, I like to see a good trim
    5/5 for sure
    Thanks folks

  9. Beamerlucasallan

    What a blast to to the head i didn’t think it could more potent than Alien OG but of ours it was if u wanna get atom bombed grow a set and try this lol.

  10. Radeighton

    I thought I was becoming immuned to pot until I found this stuff. At 3 joints per gram, one is all I need. WOW, this is some of the best flower I’ve found on the web. Tasty, hasty, and Baky. (IOW, taste great, works after one hit, and bakes your brain for several hours). At this price it’s well worth it. In fact, after buying this, I relegated my existing stock of flower (1/2 lb) to baking use only.

  11. William.Berton96

    Taste great , look good . Would recommend it

  12. Midnighttoker29

    wow, just phenomenal bud has a great look covered in a high amount of thc making it very sticky
    so much it has a light sparkle now as for the taste has a very strong constant lemon citrus tasting smoke packing a strong buzz that sneaks up on you. in a good way rolled a nice cone and took 5 puffs off it was like I gotta put this out for a few mins lol it has that strong of a buzz so now i can understand why its 218 an ounce

  13. Alaister

    Wow really good weed love the free gram too awesome marketing, will have to buy some next order for sure thanks buy medical buds

  14. Sudbury

    very nice strain and smell great smoke and high will buy again

  15. Woody

    Very potent and also tasty. Very healthy looking buds, would definitely purchase again

  16. Richardadamsjr1987

    This is the real deal and I’m pretty Picky. The test is absolutely amazing and so high! Yet to try the King Louis or Platinum will review soon as I can lol

  17. Liljumbiebwoi

    Had to order this strain again. Its powerful and we’ll trimmed. Immaculate.

  18. MikeA

    VERY sticky. Had a slight chemically taste, good stone though. Would try again

  19. Hotshotcrazymon

    Fire bud . High AAAA quality weed. A must try.highly recommend

  20. Heathen

    First of all I got my order 44 hours after I placed it and I live in Northern Ontario. that is amazing, I guess this is more of an attaboy to Canada post but Buy Medical Buds did put my order together quick-like.
    Now then, this strain is wonderful. big buds and great bag appeal, tastes and smells fantastic burns really nice and is potent as all hell.
    Overall a home run, definitely worth the extra cash.
    Thank you BMBs! great customer service and quality product.

  21. Yvanmartin@yahoo.Com

    One Of The Best smoke around. I keep ordering this when I can. Cheers!!!

  22. Chrisaningmiuq

    8.5/10 – June Batch – It Was sticky, smells great, big hard buds, Awesome Flavour, High,
    6/10 – July Batch – Little Sticky, Smells good, Big-Medium soft buds, not much flavour, not much smoke (hot knife method)
    Man when this popped up again, I jumped out of my seat wanting to get more and I did, Hoping it would be somewhat the same. totally wrong I was!

  23. Melinda_presley

    Love this strain

  24. Hotshotcrazymon

    Amazing top notch AAAA bud.

  25. Thechurch

    Pure bliss

  26. Sirioslee

    not a fan at all,, comes across pre mature to me ,, doesn’t have the full over all effect ,wouldn’t buy again ,not this one .def not ripe ,, it would have more skunk and body feel to it.

  27. Donelpatron

    Wow this bud is out of this world. Strong gassy terps in da couch. Packs a strong punch. The Animal Cookies was slightly better but nonetheless. Buy Medical Buds is killin it with thier new strains

  28. Pearlgooden

    AMAZING! If anything, the description doesn’t emphasize how great it really is. Worth every nickel.

  29. Norrep

    Nice bud, great service and appreciate the little extras in the packages! After sneaking around for 45 yrs. this site is the Costco of Smoke!

  30. Ccnetpro

    Re-ordered this but its not as good as the batch I got 6 weeks ago. Still aiight but not as good as the last batch. These buds were less dense too.

  31. Wfo

    This here is some Serious Flower, couple bowl fulls with the Bong and its nappy nu nu time, Diggity Dank!

  32. Nel Blackwell

    After reading all of these reviews I panicked & jumped on a quarter pound. After trying out this animal cookies I came to the conclusion that they were all right.- Buying this grass at the height of the growing season would probably get you the best performance. All the products that I’ve purchased here are more than worth their cost. Animal Cookies is expensive but you don’t need much & you’re always guaranteed the expected results. Buying in bulk at the height of the growing season would get you the best bang for buck just like all those gorgeous giant ears of peaches & cream corn you buy for BBQing. One thing’s for sure. It’s classic top shelf B.C. bud that the rest of the planet wishes so desperately to posses. It’s growers should be proud.

  33. Smokefree5

    I’m enjoying this strain right now. Will probably order again if it’s still here for my next order. Super stinky, decent buds and excellent buzz

  34. Denis-206

    Beau bourgeons encore plus collant que le dernier lot. Aussi plus foncé avec des teintes de noir , mur a point. Mérite sont AAAA amplement. Reste a souhaiter que le prix reste ou il est.

  35. Lalamacala

    A nice surprise. Really pleasant, super potent and great for sleep. I’m a fan of
    Animal Cookies. Sounds serious and it is!

  36. Peterwas


  37. Mr. Gilbert

    Excellent weed smells great and and gets you high every time. Try it first thing in the morning its great

  38. Sylvain64

    Very nice taste and significant effects. Enjoyed it very much!

  39. Bellmal

    Ordered this a few orders back…. Good quality weed.

  40. CheeseHead

    Ohhhh HELLYEAH! This is pure crystal coated pure goodness from the gods. Nice mix of buds and really fresh. Oh did I mention the 6g Holy Grail Kush sample HELLYEAH! Best online chat support. Animal Cookies that would be of legendary proportions. Please work on that

  41. Zopep

    Smooth smoke , good taste , great for getting things done . Thanks Buy Medical buds

  42. Chris Jack

    Definitely looks like it does in the picture and putting it under a bright flashlight light you can see the crystal density and I love sticky icky which it is.

  43. Dan_aitken

    4.5 star if i could.
    Not as potent as i hoped but still worth the purchase.

  44. Alaister

    Really worth it great super energy weed my new fav for sure

  45. Zx12r

    Damn am I ever fit shaced

  46. Zx12r

    Bought a 1/4 LBS. The product was very dry, some buds were great but a lot were no buzz & harsh on the throat. Totally not worth the price! It’s almost like there were other strains mixed in. The strain 9 lb hammer I bought on my 1st order here was better at half the cost. I purchased about 4 ounces (1 oz at a time) of Blueberry hash & never had a problem. I know I put in a favorable review earlier but only did one blunt with my old lady that I bought this for a Christmas gift & It was pretty good but getting further into the bag the herb got substantially weaker.
    Sorry for the shitty review but for the price you guys are charging I expect every bud to be able to make me smile. If it’s no buzz after 3 tokes it’s a waste of time.

  47. CheeseHead

    My absolute fav strain is once again available. If I could I would buy every single crop of this beautiful Animal Cookies. One batch I received was absolute fire and the amount of trichomes was unlike anything I have ever seen. Another batch wasn’t as strong but was again pure fire. I always try to be prepared when this hits the AAAA category so I do not miss out on fresh batches of this sexy beast. The last batch of Holy Grail Kush was dynamite. The taste, smell, texture, burn is all top notch. If you’re a first timer Animal Cookies virgin and you’re concerned about pricing trust me you will get what you pay for. Other moms are jokers with their $800 AAAA half pound compared to this awesome shit BMBs provides. Thank you so much for this product to whomever grows this in BMBs, we absolutely love you. Just proceed to checkout already 😉

  48. Tennis99

    Really love this one great taste , and wrecks you. Top notch!!1

  49. Doug Zulauf

    A cut above the rest!

    These Flowers are consistently fresh, terpy, sticky,and perfectly cured.

    This is the quality type of bud all the celebs and rich folks smoked circa LA 2007 when well grown genetics were for those in the know. Great job at Buy Medical Buds, alot of people are talking about you guys and the quality of your products.

  50. Randall Will

    Really smooth and full of flavor, def use a vaporizer

  51. Ladarius Fritsch

    First Time Customer!
    Registered and ordered in the morning and received my product right before 6:30 PM that same day. Paid via cashapp. Very professional and classy packaging. Product is fabulous and met all my expectations.

  52. Makayla Yundt

    I liked the order and how it was packaged. fast delievery. only suggestion would be too maybe give a better deal on first time patients

  53. Jaylan Thiel

    The person that I spoke to was extraordinarily patient with my lack of knowledge on CBD and answered all of my questions. The accommodation to deliver at a sooner time than advertised saved me during midterms. I was ready to drop my class because of the anxiety and drepression I was experiencing. BUT THANK YOU Buy Medical Buds you have gained a loyal long term customer.

  54. Weatherbie151

    Very strong flavour/aroma/buzz! Received a sample with my order, Very impressed.

  55. Astroluv

    Sticky, ickyyyy woooow. The taste is interesting, it’s nice to see buds that are sticky in this kind of way

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