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Alien OG

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Alien OG marijuana actuates perceptive cerebral high followed by body unwinding. Lifts vitality, prompts snickers and social communications. Elevates state of mind, alleviates depression. Loosens up the body, assuages pressure, controls agony and muscle fits.



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There’s something so engaging about strain names that identify with space or other grandiose issues, and Alien OG is the same. Not exclusively will its name catch you as it so happens,

yet its strong buds will likewise secure you, moving you into space with its incredible, restorative capacities. Broadly famous all through California on

account of its madly high THC content, this cannabis strain has a method for blending the best of both indica and sativa into one superb bundle.

What is the Alien OG Cannabis Strain?

Reproduced by joining the hereditary qualities of the half and half Tahoe OG Kush and the indica Alien Kush, Alien OG offers the best of the two universes, having a half indica, half sativa cosmetics.

First showing up in the Bay Area of California, producers could at first just develop this cannabis strain with a clone, yet that before long changed as word got around about Alien OG’s astonishing advantages.

In the long run, Cali Connection started offering seeds to plant Alien OG, prompting the spread of this strain to zones that initially came up short on its quality.

Beside its intriguing back story, numerous people are interested about the strain’s significant returns, powerful high, and invigorating flavor.

In spite of the fact that it has establishes in California’s own one of a kind OG Kush, Alien OG is a crazy strain with a notoriety all its own.

This sativa-inclining half breed was made by seed organization The Cali Connection as a cross between Tahoe OG Kush (itself a phenotype of the first OG Kush) and Cali Connection’s own one of a kind indica Alien Kush.

Outcast OG offers a taking off psychedelic high with for the most part an equalization of cerebral induction and physical loosening up. Outsider OG’s THC substance can extend from 20% to as much as 28%.

Kind of HighL:

Outsider OG cannabis actuates sensible cerebral high followed by body unwinding. Lifts vitality, prompts laughs and social connections. Elevates disposition, mitigates melancholy. Loosens up the body, eases pressure, controls agony and muscle fits.

Hereditary qualities:

Ancestry: Tahoe OG and Alien Kush strains.


Imaginative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing

May Relieve:

Nervousness, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress


Lemon, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody


Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Skunky

Developing Info:

You can grow this strain both inside and outside. Firstly, in the case of growing inside, expect a blossoming peroid 7-8 weeks. Secondly, in the case of growing outside, hope to begin seeing blossoms by mid – October

Utilization Methods:



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7g(1/4oz), 14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 4oz(1/4p), 8oz(1/2p), 16oz(1p)

25 reviews for Alien OG

  1. Kaspersniezek

    Very proper. Nice chunky buds very gassy and skunky. Smoke is very smooth and tasty and most importantly the effects are heavy hitting even for experienced lungs. Hard to find true quads these days to Merritt the higher prices but this plant meets all the criteria.

  2. Pippo63

    Love this strain. Found it dry, maybe due to the fact it was stuck in mail for 13days. Used a boveda pack to freshen up and worked well. I would rate it aaa+

  3. 009EV00795

    real gassy and pungent like described. gave it 1 less star because it was slightly drier than I would like. but would recommend.

  4. Tipet Bofouette

    True to it’s legend. Tastes very good and the potency is out of this world. Just buy it.

  5. Bret 302

    Little bit confuse with all the very good review. Maybe i wasn’t lucky but my QP was not 4A quality. 3A at best. Got 14g of shake and my biggest bud was at best 1g. The rest is little and scrappy. Will not order again this strain. On the plus side the QP of sour jilly was amazing.

  6. Tommy8258

    If you’re a true kush connoisseur this is a must try! Top shelf quality from bag appeal, to aroma and taste. Great body high with stress free thoughts! Thanks Buy Medical Buds Team.

  7. TheTGD

    Never got around to actually review this one. Alien OG is one of the best strain to exist, taste and high are amazing. Beginner beware, this one hits hard !

  8. Donelpatron

    Super Dank Sticky gooey tight nugs. Very good version of the strain

  9. Peter

    Good stuff I’d order again but I shoulda went with 9 pound hammer

  10. Voidreamz

    All I have to say is yes get is no question knocked me away with one hoot and felt amazing. If you are tired of cheeseburger leaves then this is what you want. 10/10

  11. Sirioslee

    Banger !

  12. Justin-C

    Top tier budd I really enjoyed the effects of this strain one of my favourites I love all alien og kush crosses. The buds are medium sized and really gooey. I will be ordering again thanks a lot team.

  13. Jboudreau23

    This one honestly its a true indica and a real kush love the taste the smoke the smell everything about it, i would get this one again! 5stars

  14. Goonies

    Very good indica strain! Beautiful sticky buds! It’s not a trouble to sleep with this variety! Very good quality!

  15. Chaosinsues5

    Nice taste and buzz. No complaints.

  16. Albert

    Pictures do not do it justice! This is a real looker sure to turn heads ; ) Extremly caked with crystals with an earthy taste and an unmistakeable kush taste. Excellent for sleep disorders and for extreme stress. Would buy again!

  17. Tennis99

    nice buds the buzz was ok burned a little rough low on taste good price.


    I received 3.5gr as a sample with my hash order, excellent shit!

  19. Saltspringfarmer

    smaller buds but very tasty and strong high.

  20. Thora Stamm

    Proficient, mindful, incredible quality at Buy Medical Buds.

  21. Vada Howell

    Delivery is prompt and fast. Really considering not dealing with other dispensary lines or bs anymore and using buy medical buds as my #1 !!!!!

  22. Amelia Hansen

    Buy Medical Buds is hands down the best service in California. The product is fresh and beautiful and the drivers are all awesome. Thank you Ryan and everyone at Buy Medical Buds! You are all much appreciated!!!

  23. Delia Jacobson

    A Little Harsh But Potent
    I was interested in trying a high CBD strain so I decided on Alien OG. I found the smoke a little rough on the throat but the result was a fairly mellow high. I also tried blending it with other strains with good results, making it less harsh on my throat.

  24. Thomas Fay

    I was expecting this strain to be more sticky, how ever it lives up to it’s quality promise, it’s a good day time medication that keeps you going and also you get things done.

  25. Mary

    Top Shelf Sticky dense buds. Nice taste and nice high. Got this as a sample and wish I had gotten an OZ of it.

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